PediVent Solutions is a locally owned and operated pediatric respiratory consulting  agency that specializes in the education and training  of home health caregivers that provide service to the pediatric patient population.

Located in Atlanta Georgia, our dedicated team of professionals will assist you in providing the training and support you need to prepare your medical personnel and the caregiver to deliver the best care possible.

Our Mission is to provide optimal continuity of care to a focused pediatric patient population, which includes invasive and non-invasive ventilation, trached, neuromuscular or degenerative patients through the use of telemedicine.

Our Vision is to promote better solutions and healthcare outcomes for the mechanically ventilated pediatric population.

Our Values are to care for people and extend a passion and dedication for the lives of children by improving the health outcomes and quality of life.

We will assist you in understanding ventilator modalities

We maintain high standards of education and understand the challenges of complex technology, staff turn-over and the ever changing policies, procedures and regulations. PediVent Solutions, LLC will tailor our educational program to suit your practice, your staff and most importantly, YOUR PATIENTS


Day vs. Night)

Oxygen Consumption/
Requirement Assessment


Preventive Measures
of Exacerbation

For Vented Patients or
an Escalation of Response

How Can We Help You?

Increase your opportunity for providing optimal care by including our Respiratory Therapist to provide appropriate responses for your questions and needs.

Reduction of Liability

Access to consultation with a
Respiratory Therapist/Telemedicine/
Audio-Visual aid to establish
assessment of your patient.


Resources of Input (RT’s)

Pedivent is just a call away to fulfill
your needs of assuring secured ventilation.

911 Emergency Calls

Reduce the necessity of
unnecessary 911 calls.

Meet Our Team

Together this team of professionals have focused their energy and expertise toward the goal of establishing Pedi-Vent Solutions, LLC as the premier Healthcare Consulting and Home Care Agency, building a foundation of excellence that will improve the quality of life for the clients they serve.

Kevin B. Bass,

Clinician and co-founder of Pedi-Vent Solutions LLC., Kevin is a Registered Respiratory Therapist credentialed by the National Board of Respiratory Care. He completed his training at California College of Health Sciences (Independence University). He has been practicing in the field of Respiratory Therapy for over 32 years.

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Dar’Shea Mitchell-Tolbert,

Clinician and co-founder of Pedi-Vent Solutions LLC., has worked in the Respiratory Therapy field for over 29 years. Her years of clinical experience encompasses a variety of age groups ranging from Adult Critical Care ICU.

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About Our Equipment

PediVent Solutions, LLC uses some of the best invasive and non-invasive ventilation equipment available. These systems are advanced, reliable and intuitive, containing a full range of modes and extensive monitoring solutions. PediVent Solutions is capable of extending education, competency and skill set resolution for any type of Respiratory equipment you have established for maintaining your patient’s requirements.

These are some examples of equipment that might be used to manage your patient’s respiratory effort or insufficiency. There are other vendors or manufacturers that provide similar equipment that is capable of sustaining your patient.

Non-Invasive and Invasive Equipment
The Trilogy 202
The Vivo 50
The LTV1100
DreamStation BiPAP autoSV
Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs)

Contact Us

If you would like to contact PediVent Solutions directly please call

1- (855) 573-3483

and one of our caring professionals will be happy to assist you, or
you can click the link below to send us an email using our contact form.


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